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Otello 1919Beecham Grand Opera Company

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Otello was an ambitious piece for a touring company to tackle, really needing a full-sized  chorus and orchestra to make a proper impact. However the designs by the Polunins, as well as Frank Mullings and Miriam Licette all functioned well withing thos limitations, and transferred successfully to BNOC after the demise of Beecham's company.

The conductor is here described as 'Eugene Goossens junior' - a title his father had employed some thirty years earlier.

Cast details are from a programme in the A M Gardiner collection at the Mitchell Library.,

Performance Cast

Montano predecessor of Otello in Cyprus

William Michael

Cassio Otello's lieutenant

Alfred Heather

Iago Otello's ensign

George Milner

Roderigo a Venetian gentleman

Frederick Davies

Otello a Moorish general, Venetian Governor of Cyprus

Frank Mullings

Desdemona Otello's wife

Miriam Licette

Emilia Iago's wife and Desdemona's companion

Edith Clegg

Lodovico envoy of the Venetian republic

Foster Richardson

Performance DatesOtello 1919

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

14 Oct, 19.00

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