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Pagliacci 2009Opera Camerata

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For once Cav & Pag was served up as Pag & Cav. In most theatrical performances Pagliacci makes a stronger effect for ending the evening, but on this occasion, it was Cavalleria that came off better, so perhaps the decision was a wise one. The most effective performance came from Susan McNaught as Nedda, usually a difficult role to bring off. Support from the others was perfectly acceptable, but it was Cav that seemed to have caught the company's imagination.

Performance Cast

Tonio a player

George Ross

Canio leader of the players

Mike Towers

Nedda Canio's wife

Susan McNaught

Beppe a player

Chris Cotter

Silvio a villager

Russell Malcolm

Performance DatesPagliacci 2009

Map List

Church Hill Theatre | Edinburgh

7 Oct, 19.30 8 Oct, 19.30 9 Oct, 19.30 10 Oct, 19.30

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