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Daughter of the Regiment 1902J W Turner's English Opera Company

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This delightful piece of froth by Donizetti maintained its popularity right up to the first world war. The Turner company do not seem to have done it before this tour though. As with other companies' stagings, the edition used seems to be substantially altered from the original - here with a couple of new characters in Nanette and Suzette. Opera in English was popular, being seen as entertainment rather than art.

Details are from a programme in the OperaScotland collection. It covers the first three evenings of the week's Govan visit, with Maritana on the Monday followed by the Donizetti, and with Bo Girl to come on Wednesday.

The following month they were in Dundee, with a week-long programme that ran: Mon Maritana; Tue Daughter of the Regiment; Wed Maritana; Thu Puritan's Daughter; Fri Faust; Sat Bohemian Girl.

Performance Cast

Marquise de Birkenfeld

Edmée de Dreux

Hortensio steward to the Marquise (Bruno)

Richard Cummings

Sulpice a sergeant of Grenadiers

Sidney Clifford

Marie a foundling

Chrystal Duncan

Tonio a Tyrolean peasant

Edward Arthur

Corporal (Max)

Mr G Ridding


Maud Esdale


Carrie Rettur

Performance DatesDaughter of the Regiment 1902

Map List

Lyceum Theatre, Govan | Govan

23 Sep, 19.30

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

21 Oct, 19.30

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