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The Grand Duke is the most rarely performed of the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Not only has it lacked a professional production in Scotland since its initial tour of 1896, but even amateur groups have tended to avoid it. Glasgow's Orpheus Club, with an uninterrupted history of performance dating back to 1893, had tackled Utopia Limited on six occasions in that time, but The Grand Duke had attracted their attention only once before, and that quite recently, in 1981.

While it undoubtedly lacks the consistent quality of the earlier works, this piece can work quite well in the theatre, as was shown by this excellent staging during Glasgow's year as European Capital of Culture.

Performance Cast

Ernest Dummkopf a Theatrical Manager

Andrew Bryce

Ludwig an actor, Leading Comedian

John Gordon

Julia Jellicoe an English Comédienne

Esther Rieley

Lisa an actress, Soubrette

Chriss Mills

Rudolph Grand Duke of Pfennig Halbpfennig

Walter Paul

Dr Tannhäuser a Notary

Norman MacCallum

Baroness von Krakenfeldt betrothed to Rudolph

Jean Campbell

Prince of Monte Carlo

David Blackwood

Princess of Monte Carlo betrothed to Rudolph

Alyson Raworth


John Mills


David Mills


John Paul Rieley

Olga a member of Ernest Dummkopf's Company

Margaret Auld

Gretchen a member of Ernest Dummkopf's Company

Anne Gallagher

Bertha a member of Ernest Dummkopf's Company

Fiona Gowans

Elsa a member of Ernest Dummkopf's Company

Marie Murray

Performance DatesGrand Duke 1990

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King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

26 Feb, 19.30 27 Feb, 19.30 28 Feb, 19.30 1 Mar, 19.30 2 Mar, 19.30 3 Mar, 14.30 3 Mar, 19.30

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