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Turn of the Screw 1994Scottish Opera

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This open stage production was mounted at the Tramway in an attempt to reach new audiences who didn’t go to traditional theatres. Set on a wide, prosceniumless playing area, the production was of high quality, and very well received. It was also televised by STV, but the broadcast was in the middle of the night during the Christmas season (and not at all in the north-east region where Grampian TV generally took a less indulgent view of the arts). The production was not revived or toured, so an excellent opportunity to reach new audiences without traditional proscenium theatres in other regions was sadly wasted. The company did not return to the Tramway either.

Performance DatesTurn of the Screw 1994

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Tramway | Glasgow

15 Feb, 19.30 17 Feb, 19.30 19 Feb, 19.30 22 Feb, 19.30 24 Feb, 19.30 26 Feb, 19.30

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