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Gazza Ladra 1831De Begnis Italian Opera Company

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The Thieving Magpie is a serious piece, and quite long - the list of musical numbers indicates that it was more abbreviated than we would expect nowadays. But then neither would we expect the opera to be followed by a short concert of arias and duets by other composers, a comic song, and finally a farce Free and Easy, performed by the local theatre's resident company.

Miss Waters is described as a pupil of Signor de Begnis, and her character, Lucia, is here described as Fabrizio's daughter, rather than his wife. Perhaps she was too young and attractive to play the hero's mother.

The details of this performance by the De Begnis troupe in Glasgow are from a playbill in the Farmer Collection at the Glasgow University Special Theatre Collection.

Performance Cast

Pippo a young peasant in Fabrizio's service

Miss Hope

Lucia wife of Fabrizio

Miss Waters

Fabrizio Vingradito a prosperous farmer

Signor Rubbi

Ninetta a servant in Fabrizio's household

Signora Albertini

Isaaco a wandering pedlar

Signor de Boccini

Giannetto a young soldier, son of Fabrizio and Lucia

Signor Curioni

Fernando Villabella a soldier, Ninetta's father

Giuseppe de Begnis

Gottardo the Mayor (Podestà)

Signor Sapio

Performance DatesGazza Ladra 1831

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow | Glasgow

27 Dec, 19.30

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