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Cambiale di matrimonio 1985Scottish Opera

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After the success of its nine performances round smallish theatres in 1984, Graham Vick's staging of a Rossini double bill was revived by Dafydd Burne-Jones for two performances at the following Mayfest, and a further two in Newcastle.  Several of the singers were changed, but Vick's Dickensian concept with strobe-lights in the overture, worked just as neatly.

Adrian Martin and Janine Roebuck were making their only appearances with Scottish Opera.  Another newcomer was baritone Henry Newman, seen more often in performances with Welsh National.  The second farce featured in the programme was the equally delightful Silken Ladder.

Cast details are from a copy of the programme for the Mayfest performances in the Ian Robertson collection.

Performance Cast

Norton Mill's cashier

William McCue

Clarina a servant

Janine Roebuck

Tobia Mill a wealthy merchant

Henry Newman

Edoardo Milfort Fanny's lover

Adrian Martin

Fanny Mill's daughter

Rosa Mannion

Slook a Canadian, Mill's agent

Alan Watt


Peter Quilliam-Cain

Alexander Morrison

James Paterson

Performance DatesCambiale di matrimonio 1985

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

15 May, 19.15 17 May, 19.15

Theatre Royal, Newcastle | Newcastle-upon-Tyne

22 May, 19.15 24 May, 19.15

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