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Belle Helene 2017Opera Camerata

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Edinburgh-based organisation Opera Camerata here gave its final production - Offenbach's well-loved comic opera parodying the love story of Helen and Paris which sparked the Trojan war.

Generally considered to be one of Offenbach's greatest works, there were here some good attempts to update the dialogue, with pertinent references to Ipads and Donald Trump.

The company, almost all of the principals with professional training, acquitted themselves well and took the audience with them. The final performance was crisply done, though sadly the words were not always clear. Nevertheless, it was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

The passing of the company is greatly to be regretted.

Performance Cast

Calchas High Priest of Jupiter

George Ross

Philocomus Chaplain to Calchas

Walter Thomson

Hélène Queen of Sparta

Louise Thomson

Oreste son of Agamemnon

Susanne Horsburgh

Paris son of King Priam

Nick Clelland

Ajax I King of Salamis

Stuart Clelland

Achille King of Phtiotidos

Roger Robertson

Ménélas King of Sparta

Mike Towers

Agamemnon King of Kings

Richard Mein

Performance DatesBelle Helene 2017

Map List

Church Hill Theatre | Edinburgh

11 Oct, 19.30 12 Oct, 19.30 13 Oct, 19.30 14 Oct, 19.30

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