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Gianni Schicchi 2018Edinburgh Studio Opera

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Gianni Schicchi might be thought a difficult opera for Edinburgh Studio Opera to attempt, comedy being notoriously tricky for young performers to bring off, but the ripples of laughter in the first night audience showed how just how well the work had been prepared.

This updated production was staged in appropriate modern dress, and sung in English. An engaging ensemble performance resulted, full of detail without being too 'busy'.

A fine performance was given by Johannes Moore, who conveyed the dominance of Schicchi (while wearing a vest). Kenneth Reid as Rinuccio and Serena Linley-Adams as Lauretta made a touching pair of lovers. The grasping relatives were all well characterised. Among the number of cameo roles Zorbey Turkalp as Marco caught the eye. The whole cast played their part in this highly satisfying performance, during which the humour was very effectively conveyed.

The audience of over a hundred included a number of opera 'newbies', who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the proceedings. The orchestra, almost thirty strong, had been well trained by William Conway and gave a fina account of the score.

Credit must go to the production team, especially director Robert Hersey and musical director William Conway for ensuring there was so much to enjoy.

Although a number of key figures are coming to the end of their time as students in Edinburgh, there are also some promising singers coming through. It is to be hoped ESO will be able to keep up the standards they have set, as their productions offer welcome variety on the operatic scene.

Join Edinburgh Studio Opera for the remaining performances of Puccini's comic masterpiece, Gianni Schicchi, as part of a double bill with Purcell's Dido and Aeneas.

Tickets for this double bill £15 (£12) Students £6.50

Performance Cast

Zita a cousin of Buoso, aged sixty

Laura Preston

Rinuccio Zita's nephew, aged twenty-four

Kenneth Reid

Gherardo Buoso's nephew, aged forty

Lewis Gilchrist

Nella Gherardo's wife, aged thirty-four

Katie Dobson

Gherardino Gherardo's son, aged seven

Angus Alderson

Finlay Alderson

Betto di Signa a cousin, age unknown

Patrick Dodd

Simone a cousin, aged seventy

Ed Birchinall

Marco Betto's son, aged forty-five

Zorbey Turkalp

La Ciesca Marco's wife, aged thirty-eight

Moorea Corrigan

Gianni Schicchi aged fifty-one

Johannes Moore

Lauretta Schicchi's daughter, aged twenty-one

Serena Linley-Adams

Maestro Spinelloccio a doctor

Daniel Safford

Ser Amantio di Nicolao a notary

Frederick Hervey-Bathurst

Pinellino a cobbler

Rhys Inward

Guccio a dyer

Frederick Hervey-Bathurst

Performance DatesGianni Schicchi 2018

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Assembly Roxy | Edinburgh

27 Feb, 19.30 28 Feb, 19.30 2 Mar, 19.30 3 Mar, 19.30

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