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Don Pasquale 1860Mr Wood's Edinburgh Italian Opera

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The first performances in Dundee of Italian opera sung in Italian were these two evenings, a Wednesday and Thursday, tagged on to the end of Mr Wood's company's regular Edinburgh winter season. The Barber of Seville was followed by Don Pasquale.

In its notice the following day, Friday, 23 March, the Dundee Perth and Cupar Advertiser, having given a lengthy account of the Rossini, moved on to the Donizetti: 'Last night was produced Don Pasquale, the performance of which was equal, and in some respects superior to, Il Barbiere. The prima donna, Madame Lorini Mariani, sustained the character of Norina to perfection. She is a vocalist and actress of the best school, and will bear comparison with any primo soprano of the day. Signor Galvani played Ernesto gracefully, and brought down thunders of applause for ''Com'è gentil'', narrowly escaping a double encore. His singing of this lovely serenade is, to our mind, equal to that of Mario. Signor Ciampi's ''Don'' was characterised by all that is truly good and natural, without the least of that exaggeration so common to buffo actors. He is one of the best in his line. The Dottore was most ably sustained by Signor Baraldi, whose singing and playing were all that could be desired.'

Having dealt with the two performances, the erudite and apparently well-travelled reporter turned again to the audience, with a reprimand to some, known to be prosperous, who chose to occupy the cheap seats, when they should have made the effort to get dressed up and pay more: 'It is to be regretted that the attendance was inferior to that of Wednesday. Nor are we altogether pleased to see parties in the gallery whose position in society should prevent such a display of penuriousness. How is it to be expected that first-class amusements can be given in Dundee when those on whom such enterprise as that of Mr Wood, of Edinburgh, and Mr Methven, must naturally depend for success, can condescend to appear in the very cheapest locality they can find?'

Performance Cast

Don Pasquale a wealthy, elderly bachelor

Signor Ciampi

Malatesta Pasquale's doctor and friend

Signor Baraldi

Ernesto Pasquale's nephew

Giacomo Galvani

Norina a young widow

Madame Lorini Mariani

Production Cast


Signor Orsini

Performance DatesDon Pasquale 1860

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

22 Mar, 20.00

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