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Scottish Opera began its long series of Britten productions with Albert Herring, at the time an undervalued piece. It had been revived by the English Opera Group at the 1965 Edinburgh Festival, and that in turn followed the making of a recording under the composer’s direction.

The opening of this production also marked the company’s first appearance at Perth Theatre, an auditorium perfect in size for the work in question, and ideal for Mozart, as would be shown the following year with the opening of the famous Così fan tutte. The excellently observed staging by Anthony Besch was an immediate success, and the company was able to recall most of the performers at regular intervals over the next five years, with Albert Herring forming the nucleus of Scottish Opera's first ventures into foreign touring.

Following the success of Don Giovanni in 1964 and Madama Butterfly in 1965, two midweek matinee performances were given for schoolchildren in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Scottish Opera's Fifth Season - 1966

The season involved tours to Glasgow King’s Theatre, HMT Aberdeen, Perth Theatre and Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre. The productions were Albert Herring (9), Falstaff (7), Valkyrie (8) and Faust (5).  Twenty-nine performances. Perth 2, Aberdeen 5, Glasgow 11, Edinburgh 11.

Albert Herring evening performances were at 1900, matinees 1400; Falstaff performances at 1930; Valkyrie at 1800; Faust at 1900.

The complete schedule for the season was:

Perth, w/c 11 Apr:   Mon 11 Albert Herring;  Wed 13 Albert Herring.

Glasgow, w/c 2 May:  Fri 6 Falstaff;  Sat 7 Albert Herring;

Glasgow, w/c 9 May:  Thu 12 Albert Herring;  Fri 13 Valkyrie;  Sat 14 Falstaff;

Glasgow, w/c 16 May:  Tue 17 Valkyrie;  Wed 18 Faust;  Thu 19 m Albert Herring;  Thu 19 e Falstaff;  Fri 20 Valkyrie;  Sat 21 Faust.

Edinburgh, w/c 23 May: Tue 24 Falstaff;  Wed 25 Albert Herring;  Thu 26 Falstaff;  Fri 27 Valkyrie;  Sat 28 Faust.

 Edinburgh, w/c 30 May:  Tue 31 Albert Herring;  Wed 1 Jun Valkyrie;  Thu 2 m Albert Herring;  Thu 2 e Falstaff;  Fri 3 Faust;  Sat 4 Valkyrie.

Aberdeen, w/c 6 Jun:  Tue 7 Jun Valkyrie;  Wed 8 Albert Herring;  Thu 9 Falstaff;  Fri 10 Valkyrie;  Sat 11 Faust.

Performance Cast

Lady Billows an elderly aristocrat

Rae Woodland

Florence Pike housekeeper to Lady Billows

Johanna Peters

Miss Wordsworth head teacher

Patricia Clark

Mr Gedge the Vicar

Ronald Morrison

Mr Upfold the Mayor

Francis Egerton

Superintendent Budd police officer

William McCue

Sid from the butcher's

Michael Maurel

Nancy from the baker's

Catherine Wilson

Albert Herring from the greengrocer's

Gregory Dempsey

Mrs Herring the greengrocer, Albert's mother

Anna Reynolds

Emmie a schoolgirl

Sheila McGrow

Cis a schoolgirl

Jennifer Bermingham

Harry a schoolboy

Charles Begbie

Performance DatesAlbert Herring 1966

Map List

Perth Theatre | Perth

11 Apr, 19.00 13 Apr, 19.00

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

7 May, 19.00 12 May, 19.00 19 May, 14.00

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

25 May, 19.00 31 May, 19.00 2 Jun, 14.00

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

8 Jun, 19.00

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