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Don Giovanni 1910Carl Rosa Opera Company

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Glasgow Attitude

Glasgow Herald:  Thursday, 24 March 1910  (p10)

Carl Rosa Opera Company - Don Giovanni

'Don Giovanni shows the Carl Rosa Company at its best.  The work makes heavy demands in that it requires six principals of more than usual brilliance.  But good singing is not enough.  Mozart calls for a lightness of touch not usually found in an opera company given opver to the melodrama of the Italians - or the grandiose posing of Wagnerian drama.  The Carl Rosa Company, however, is evidently able to suit the class of work under interpretation, and it has always been specially successful with Mozart.  Last night there was a great improvement on the small audience that turned out to hear the second performance of Verdi's Destiny, and the work was received with undiminished favour.  With all the advances in musical art one can hardly imagine a time when the public will be unable to appreciate music so perfect in itself, and so wonderfully adapted for the expression of character.  Mozart's characterisation is more subtle than that achieved by the convenient use of motifs.  The composer seems to picture out Don Giovanni,  Leporello,  Zerlina,  Donna Anna,  and the rest by some unerring instinct for just the right notes.

'With music so delicately expressive must go sympathetic acting.  The carl Rosa Company are fortunate in having for the title part so clever an artist as Mr Charles Victor.  Mr Victor's easy style and high spirits seem to infect the rest of the company and make  for general freedom.   He acts the note, so to speak, for his colleagues to play to.  Leporllo, who is never far away from the hero,  was played as usual by Mr Arthur Winckworth.  Both artists were in excellent voice.

'The other roles were capably filled.  Mr Davies sang as passionately as ever as Don Ottavio.  Madame Gleeson-White and Miss Gertrude Vania, who have proved decided acquisitions to the company,  made the most of the parts of Donna Anna and Donna Elvira.  Miss Annie Van Dyck was a clever Zerlina and Mr Alexander Richard as the Commandant and Mr Frederick Clendon as Masetto were satisfactory.  The chorus was quite good, and the orchestra hardly so good.  Mr Eugene Goossens conducted.'


Glasgow Final Week

Scottish Referee:  Friday, 25 March 1910 (p4)

Stagelamd - The Carl Rosa Opera Company at the Grand (Glasgow)

'Wednesday evening was devoted to a performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni, which was played to a good house.  The opera was brilliantly performed, and enthusiasm prevailed throughout the evening.  The cast was a particularly strong one, and included Mr Charles Victor, Mr Arthur Winckworth, Mr Edward Davies, and Miss Gertrude Vania, Miss Annie Van Dyck, and Madame Gleeson-White, all of whom were eminently successful and were repeatedly recalled before the curtain at the close of each act.'

Performance Cast

Leporello Giovanni's servant

Arthur Winckworth (Mar 23)

Donna Anna the Commendatore's daughter

Cicely Gleeson-White (Mar 23)

Don Giovanni a young nobleman

Charles Victor (Mar 23)

Commendatore an elderly aristocrat

Alexander Richard (Mar 23)

Don Ottavio engaged to Anna

Edward Davies (Mar 23)

Donna Elvira a lady from Burgos

Gertrude Vania (Mar 23)

Zerlina a peasant girl

Annie Van Dyck (Mar 23)

Masetto a peasant, engaged to Zerlina

Frederick Clendon (Mar 23)

Production Cast


Eugene Goossens II (Mar 23)

Performance DatesDon Giovanni 1910

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

4 Mar, 19.30

Grand Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

23 Mar, 19.30

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