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The reviewer in the Scotsman (18 April) noted "In several respects, Rigoletto is one of the most interesting of Verdi's operas, and its revival at the Lyceum was a welcome experience.  It presents something of that dramatic significance in its music which was later to find fuller expression in Aida, and later still, in those achievements of a wonderful old age, Othello and Falstaff.  The story of the vengeance of the wronged jester recoiling upon himself is a piece of lurid melodrama, but it supplied Verdi with opportunities peculiarly suited to his genius, and the heartlessness of the dissolute young Duke and his courtiers, the malice and pathos of the jester, the sombre ruthlessness of the bravo, and the varying temper of the other characters are all vividly suggested.  It was an excellent performance. Mr Flintoff Moore gave a powerful but never exaggerated reading of the role of the jester.   There was a moving passion alike in his singing and in his acting.  Miss Maud Neilson, who was the Gilda of the last performance in Edinburgh by the Carl Rosa company three years ago, reappeared in the role last night.  It was an impersonation which in every respect showed how great has been her advance in the interval, with increasing experience.  Her singing was always admirably true, and very beautiful in quality.  The Duke of Horace Vincent was also good, and there was the requisite insouciant gaiety in his rendering of the various solo numbers.  Miss Olive Gilbert made a dramatic Maddalena, and the Sparafucile of Mr Frederick Clendon was conceived in a fine spirit of tragedy.  Mr W. Ewart Thomas made an impressive Monterone, and among other characters, special praise is due to the Giovanna of Miss Winifred Burns, which was clever in its suggestion of the venal duenna.  The chorus last night was particularly good, as was also the orchestra.  Mr Andre Skalski's skilful direction was reflected in a rendering of the opera as a whole, which was very enjoyable."

"Preceding the opera, thare was the ballet from Gounod's Romeo and Juliet, with the Misses Ailne Phillips and Jean Brady as the principal dancers.  It was an altogether delightful performance.  Miss Phillips is a born dancer, but the technique of the entire troupe is of a high standard.  With the grace with which Mr Skalski rendered the music, and the artistic colour and lighting, it was stage dancing at its happiest."

The cast is taken from a programme for the Lyceum performance on 17 April archived in Edinburgh Central Library.

Performance DatesRigoletto 1925

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Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

17 Apr, 19.30

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