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Lied von der Erde 1937Edinburgh Concert Society

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In reviewing what seems to be the Scottish premiere of Mahler's Song of the Earth, Monday's Scotsman was highly enthusiastic about both the work and the performance. ''Mahler was a wonderful conductor of opera, and there is much in the work that is operatic in its suggestion. Although he wrote no opera in his mature years, like Berlioz, his imagination, as a composer, seems to have oscillated between the operatic and the symphonic. The scoring is extraordinarily rich, and even a mandoline is employed. There is much in the work that is very beautiful - the long-drawn 'Farewell' has a wonderful charm.''

''The six songs are divided between tenor and contralto (or baritone). Last night they were sung with splendid effect by Mr Walter Widdop and Miss Mary Jarred. Miss Jarred's rendering of the 'Farewell' in its beauty of tone and sincerity of expression was a great achievement. With his experience as a Wagnerian singer, Mr Widdop's voice came through the gorgeous musical texture of the work with fine effect. Mr Szell's interpretation was a triumph, and at the close the audience recalled him demonstratively.''

The Mahler was preceded by two orchestral items - an arrangement of the Overture in B flat by Dr Arne and Schubert's 'Unfinished' Symphony.

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Mary Jarred


Walter Widdop

Performance DatesLied von der Erde 1937

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Usher Hall | Edinburgh

27 Dec, 20.00

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