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Martha 1981Haddo House Choral & Operatic Society

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This enjoyably light-hearted piece, which the Victorians regarded almost as a British work, has become very unfashionable in recent years.

Of particular note in this production was a first major Scottish appearance for Bonaventura Bottone, a beautifully lyrical Lionel.

Performance Cast

Lady Harriet Durham Maid of Honour to Queen Anne

Ann Mackay (Exc Apr 9)

Verna Ward (Apr 9)

Nancy maid to Lady Harriet

Christine Batty (Exc Apr 9)

Shona Duncan (Apr 9)

Sir Tristram Mickleford Lady Harriet's cousin

William Watson (Exc Apr 9)

Michael Hancock (Apr 9)

Plunkett a wealthy young farmer

Hugh MacLeod (Exc Apr 9)

Malcolm Crosby (Apr 9)

Lionel Plunkett's foster-brother

Bonaventura Bottone (Exc Apr 9)

Gordon Strachan (Apr 9)

Sheriff of Richmond

Wolf Moser

First Maid

Jill Harris

Second Maid

Sandra Jamieson

Third Maid

Gwyneth Wright


Ian Harris

Farmer's Wife

Iris French

Performance DatesMartha 1981

Map List

Haddo House Hall | Ellon, Aberdeenshire

8 Apr, 19.30 9 Apr, 19.30 10 Apr, 19.00 11 Apr, 19.30

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