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Susanna's Secret 1965New Opera Group

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The New Opera Group was established in Dundee on Sunday, 9 May 1965. David Duke, an actor and musical director at Dundee Rep, was the driving force behind the company. At the Rep he had been connected with many productions, including Let's Make an Opera, The Medium, Edwardian Music Hall, Salad Days and Expresso Bongo. Sadly, by the time they were preparing a staging of Marriage of Figaro the following June, he was in hospital in London and died. His successor, William Cox-Ife, conducted Figaro, but was killed in a plane crash soon after. The company did not continue.

Wolf-Ferrari's frivolous intermezzo entered the consciousness of Scottish audiences following its performance by Glyndebourne at the 1960 Edinburgh Festival.

In Dundee it was played in the composer's own arrangement for piano and string quintet. It formed the first part of a double bill, followed by Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors.

Performance Cast

Countess Susanna Gil's wife, aged twenty

Anne Heggie

Count Gil aged thirty

Bryan Jonson

Sante a manservant, aged fifty

Brian Clarke

Performance DatesSusanna's Secret 1965

Map List

Tivoli Theatre | Dundee

1 Sep, 19.30

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