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By 1906, Moody-Manners seem to have decided that either Maritana or Bohemian Girl could be put before an unfailingly popular Saturday night audience. However only one of them would appear in each week.

This at least kept such potentially stale and routine work reasonably fresh for the singers. It also allowed the local theatre band to run through something comfortably well-known after the exertions earlier in the week on demanding and unfamiliar operas such as Romeo and Juliet or The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Cast details for 13 October (evening) are from a programme in the OperaScotland collection.


The Scottish tour schedule

In 1906 Moody-Manners followed their recently established pattern with two visits to Scotland.  Glasgow hosted the company for two weeks each visit, with Edinburgh only having a single week each time.  The repertoire included further performances of  Eugene Onegin and the reintroduction of a couple of masterpieces from the 1830s in Donizetti's  Lucia di Lammermoor and Meyerbeer's  Les Huguenots.  Nicolai's Merry Wives and Wagner's Flying Dutchman were also comparative novelties.

The schedule for the two visits was as follows:-

Edinburgh w/c 5 March:  Mon Marriage of Figaro;  Tue 6 Carmen;  Wed 7 Eugene Onegin;  Thu 8 Tannhäuser;  Fri 9  Lucia di Lammermoor;  Sat 10 mat Huguenots;  Sat 10 eve Bohemian Girl.

Glasgow w/c 12 March:  Mon Huguenots;  Tue 13 Eugene Onegin;  Wed 14 Trovatore;  Fri 16 Carmen;  Sat 17 mat  Marriage of Figaro;  Sat 17 eve Maritana.

Glasgow w/c 19 March:  Mon Carmen; Tue 20 Flying Dutchman;  Wed 21 Eugene Onegin;  Thu 22 Lucia di Lammermoor;  Fri 23 Faust;  Sat 24 mat Flying Dutchman;  Sat 24 eve Bohemian Girl.

Edinburgh w/c 8 October:  Mon Faust;  Tue 9 Cav & Pag;  Wed 10  Tannhäuser;  Thu 11 Romeo and Juliet;  Fri 12 Merry Wives of Windsor;  Sat 13 mat  Carmen;  Sat 13 eve  Maritana.

Glasgow w/c 15 October:  Mon Carmen;  Tue 16 Faust;  Wed 17  Tannhäuser;  Thu 18 Romeo and Juliet;  Fri 19  Merry Wives of Windsor; Sat 20 Mar Cav & Pag;  Sat 20 eve Bohemian Girl.

Glasgow w/c 22 October: Mon Cav & Pag;  Tue 23 Lohengrin;  Wed 24  Carmen;  Thu 25 Merry Wives of Windsor;  Fri 26 Marriage of Figaro;  Sat 27 mat Faust;  Sat 27 eve Maritana.

Performance Cast

Maritana a gitana

Kate Anderson (Oct 13 eve)

Don Caesar de Bazan

John Child (Oct 13 eve)

Don José de Santarem

Lewys James (Oct 13 eve)

Lazarillo a poor apprentice

Mildred Bryan (Oct 13 eve)

Captain of the Guard

Mr B Gordon (Oct 13 eve)

Marchioness of Montefiore

Miss A Carter (Oct 13 eve)

Marquis of Montefiore

Frederick Davies (Oct 13 eve)

Charles II King of Spain

Charles Manners (Oct 13 eve)


Mr J Morris (Oct 13 eve)

Production Cast


Richard Eckhold (Oct 13 eve)

Performance DatesMaritana 1906

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

17 Mar, 19.15 27 Oct, 19.15

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

13 Oct, 19.15

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