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Nozze di Figaro 1923British National Opera Company

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One performance each week for four weeks, two in each city, and two of them matinees.


The Edinburgh Notice

The Scotsman of Wednesday, 7 March (p8) published a review:

'One of the most valuable possessions which the artists of the British National Opera Company have inherited from Sir Thomas Beecham is the production of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro, its general conception and material embodiment in a series of delightful stage pictures.  Many times as the opera had been heard in this country before the days of the Beecham régime, it was left for Sir Thomas Beecham to give a really adequate idea of its sparkling comedy, and to give it an appropriately charming setting.

'The Marriage of Figaro is one of those operas which in a sense labour under the disadvatage that it is easy to imagine an ideal setting.  In its delicate grace the music suggests the personages of the comedy as possessed of a daintiness and charm reminiscent of Dresden china figures.  This aspect of the opera was most happily realised by Sir Thomas Beecham and on its revival last night by the National Opera Company the former beautiful effects were presented unimpaired.

'The performance was particularly fortunate in its cast, for, while the music was admirably sung, every artist looked the character which he or she represented to an extent which is seldom attained in opera.  Miss Lilian Stanford and Mr Raymond Ellis are suited to perfection as Susanna and Figaro, Miss sarah Fischer made a charming Countess, and there has been no such Cherubino seen in Edinburgh as Miss Maggie Teyte, who has sung here before, but until last night, if memory serves aright, had not been seen here in opera.

'Mr Andrew Shanks made a distinguished Count, and the Dr Bartolo of Mr Norman Allin, the Don Basilio of Mr Sydney Russell, the Marcellina of Miss Elsy Treweek, the Barbarina of Miss Jessie Mitchell, and the Antonio of Mr William Michael were all in their several ways finished performances.  Of the purely musical aspects of the work it is sufficient to say that there was room for nothing but praise.

'If exception may be taken to anything, it might be said that in the opening scene Susanna and Figaro were not always heard as clearly over the accompaniment as might have been desired.  Throughout, however, it was a remarkably fine performance, and the large audience was appropriately enthusiastic.  Mr Percy Pitt conducted.'


BNOC in Scotland - 1923 (Spring & Autumn)

The company's Spring visit lasted five weeks - two in Edinburgh (King's Theatre) and three in Glasgow (at the Coliseum, as the Theatre Royal was not available).

Returning in the autumn, the visit again lasted five weeks - four in Glasgow (this time at the Theatre Royal) and one in Edinburgh (King's Theatre).

The 29 operas performed were Bach (Phoebus and Pan);  Mozart (Seraglio,  Marriage of Figaro,  Magic Flute);  Wagner (Tannhäuser,  Mastersingers,  Rhinegold,  Valkyrie,  Siegfried,  Twilight of the Gods);  Verdi (TrovatoreAïda Otello);  Gounod (Faust);  Bizet (Carmen);  Saint-Saëns (Samson and Delilah);  Leoncavallo (Pagliacci);  Puccini (Bohème,  Tosca,  Madam Butterfly,  Gianni Schicchi);  Mascagni (Cavalleria Rusticana);  Humperdinck (Hansel and Gretel);  Debussy (Pelléas and Mélisande);  Charpentier (Louise);  Smyth (Boatswain's Mate,  Fête Galante);  Holst (Savitri,  Perfect Fool).

The schedule was as follows:


Edinburgh, w/c 5 March:  Mon 5 Samson and Delilah;  Tue 6 Marriage of Figaro;  Wed 7 mat Hansel and Gretel;  Wed 7 eve Aïda; Thu 8 Madam Butterfly;  Fri 9 Carmen;  Sat 10 mat Phoebus and Pan & Pagliacci;  Sat 10 eve Trovatore.

Edinburgh, w/c 12 March:  Mon 12 Seraglio;  Tue 13 Tannhäuser;  Wed 14 mat Marriage of Figaro;  Wed 14 eve Hansel and Gretel;  Thu 15 Magic Flute;  Fri 16 Mastersingers;  Sat 17 mat Bohème;  Sat 17 eve Faust.

Glasgow, w/c 19 March:  Mon 19 Rhinegold;  Tue 20 Valkyrie;  Wed 21 mat Hansel and Gretel;  Wed 21 eve Phoebus and Pan & Pagliacci;  Thu 22 Madam Butterfly;  Fri 23 Marriage of Figaro;  Sat 24 mat Magic Flute;  Sat 24 eve Trovatore.

Glasgow, w/c 26 March:  Mon 26 Seraglio;  Tue 27 Siegfried;  Wed 28 mat Samson and Delilah;  Wed 28 eve Louise;  Thu 29 Phoebus and Pan & Pagliacci;  Fri 30 Hansel and Gretel;  Sat 31 mat Marriage of Figaro;  Sat 31 eve Madam Butterfly.

Glasgow, w/c 2 April:  Mon 2 Carmen;  Tue 3 Mastersingers;  Wed 4 mat Bohème;  Wed 4 eve Samson and Delilah;  Thu 5 Magic Flute;  Fri 6 Twilight of the Gods; Sat 7 mat Hansel and Gretel;  Sat 7 eve Aïda.


Glasgow, w/c 29 October:  Mon 29 Magic Flute;  Tue 30 Samson and Delilah;  Wed 31 mat Phoebus and Pan & Pagliacci;  Wed 31 eve Bohème;  Thu 1 Nov Aïda;  Fri 2 Valkyrie;  Sat 3 mat Hansel and Gretel;  Sat 3 eve Madam Butterfly.

Glasgow, w/c 5 November:  Mon 5 Savitri Perfect Fool;  Tue 6 Louise;  Wed 7 mat Madam Butterfly;  Wed 7 eve Cavalleria Rusticana & Gianni Schicchi;  Thu 8 Siegfried;  Fri 9 Otello;  Sat 10 mat Magic Flute;  Sat 10 e Faust.

Glasgow, w/c 12 November:  Mon 12 Aïda;  Tue 13 Mastersingers;  Wed 14 mat Samson and Delilah;  Wed 14 eve Savitri & Perfect Fool;  Thu 15 Tosca;  Fri 16 Bohème;  Sat 17 mat Fête Galante & Bosun's Mate;  Sat 17 eve Phoebus and Pan & Gianni Schicchi.

Glasgow, w/c 19 November:  Mon 19 Faust;  Tue 20 Otello;  Wed 21 mat Hansel and Gretel;  Wed 21 eve Aïda;  Thu 22 Pelléas and Mélisande;  Fri 23 Fête Galante & Boatswain's Mate;  Sat 24 mat Cav & Pag;  Sat 24 eve Magic Flute.

Edinburgh, w/c 26 November:  Mon 26 Aïda;  Tue 27 Louise;  Wed 28 mat Fête Galante & Boatswain's Mate;  Wed 28 eve Phoebus and Pan & Gianni Schicchi;  Thu 29 Pelléas and Mélisande;  Fri 30 Savitri & Perfect Fool;  Sat 31 mat Magic Flute;  Sat 31 eve Madam Butterfly.

Performance Cast

Figaro the Count's valet

Raymond Ellis (Mar 6)

Susanna the Countess's maid

Lilian Stanford (Mar 6)

Bartolo a doctor, the Countess's former guardian

Norman Allin (Mar 6)

Marcellina Bartolo's housekeeper

Elsy Treweek (Mar 6)

Cherubino the Count's page

Maggie Teyte (Mar 6)

Count Almaviva a Spanish grandee

Andrew Shanks (Mar 6)

Don Basilio a priest and music master

Sydney Russell (Mar 6)

Countess Almaviva

Sarah Fischer (Mar 6)

Antonio a gardener, Susanna's uncle

William Michael (Mar 6)

Barbarina daugher of Antonio

Jessie Mitchell (Mar 6)

Production Cast


Percy Pitt (Mar 6)


George King

Performance DatesNozze di Figaro 1923

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

6 Mar, 18.45 14 Mar, 14.00

Coliseum | Glasgow

23 Mar, 18.45 31 Mar, 14.00

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