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Lily of Killarney 1903J W Turner's English Opera Company

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By the beginning of the century The Lily of Killarney was beginning to lose popularity, as was its source play, The Colleen Bawn by Boucicault.  However, it is clear that the part of Myles remained a favourite one with tenors.


Two Brief Reviews from Dundee

Dundee Advertiser: Thursday, 4 November 1903  (p2)

Her Majesty’s Theatre - “The Lily of Killarney”

'Last night’s performance of Benedict’s tuneful opera by the Turner Opera Company showed a marked improvement over the two preceding.  This was, of course, largely owing to the presence of the popular tenor, who took the part of Miles na Coppaleen, and acted and sang with his old fervour and sweetness.  Mr Turner’s thoroughly actor-like spirit influenced others, and the principal parts were carried through with regard to the intense emotions of the romantic and finely dramatic story.  Mr Edward Arthur, as Hardress Cregan, sang better than on Monday evening and Mr T Griffiths’ telling baritone voice gave impressive utterance to the songs of Danny Mann.  In the character of Father Tom, that competent actor and singer Mr Sidney Clifford acted with naturalness and sang to perfection.

'Miss Nina Leslie as Eily O’Connor, Miss Edmee de Dreux as Mrs Cregan, and Miss Stock in the small part of Annie Chute were notably helpful to the vocal and dramatic interests.  Lastly, the orchestra played with much better care and feeling, and the considerable audience gave plenty signs of enjoyment.  If the verve and quality of the performance are maintained in to-night’s rendering of Gounod’s Faust, when Mr Turner sings in the title role, lovers of music will not regret their attendance.'


Dundee Courier & Argus: Thursday, November 5 1903

Her Majesty’s Theatre - The Turner Opera Company

'Last night Mr Turner made his first appearance for the week in Benedict’s Lily of Killarney.  The audience was not so large as it might have been, but the performance was most enjoyable.  Mr Turner himself was in wonderfully good voice, and he sang the lovely solo in the first act with great verve.  Miss Nina Leslie as Eily O’Connor sang very sweetly, and acted with tact and discretion.  Miss De Dreux sang with her accustomed art as Mrs Cregan, and Miss Stock as Anne Chute sang and acted very brightly.  Mr Edward Arthur as Hardress Cregan was at his best, singing and acting vigorously.  Mr T Griffiths as Danny Mann sang pleasantly, but might have made his part more dramatic.

'To-night Gounod’s Faust will be produced with Mr Turner in the title role, and Mr W Anderson, a local baritone, as Mephistopheles.'

Performance Cast

Eily O'Connor the Colleen Bawn

Nina Leslie (Nov 4)

Hardress Cregan secretly married to Eily

Edward Arthur (Nov 4)

Mrs Cregan Hardress's mother

Edmée de Dreux (Nov 4)

Squire Corrigan holder of a mortgage on the Cregan lands

Sidney Clifford (Nov 4)

Myles na Coppaleen in love with Eily

Mr J W Turner (Nov 4)

Danny Mann a boatman, devoted to Hardress

Mr T Griffiths (Nov 4)

Miss Ann Chute an heiress, the Colleen Rhud

Miss Stock (Nov 4)

Production Cast


Thomas Lawton (Nov 4)

Performance DatesLily of Killarney 1903

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Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

4 Nov, 00.00

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