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A Dundee Review

Dundee Courier & Argus: Wednesday, November 16 1904

Her Majesty’s Theatre - The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company - The Mikado

'The Mikado, ever most generally popular of the Gilbert and Sullivan series, has, from its Japanese story, a special interest at the present time.  Whether this was the reason or not, the fact remains that, despite attractions elsewhere, there was a magnificent audience in Her Majesty’s Theatre last night, when a splendid performance was enjoyed.

'The Mikado contains some of the most tuneful numbers in any of the operas.  The soprano “The Sun and I,” the mezzo-soprano “When a Merry Maiden Marries,” the contralto “The Hour of Gladness,” and the tenor “A Wand’ring Minstrel I” are unsurpassed for charm in the solo work of any of the operas, while “Tit-Willow” and “I’ve Got’em on the List,” and the Mikado’s song are each of them unique.  Then in concerted music The Mikado is equally strong.  “The flowers that bloom in the spring” and the “Madrigal” are the best of their kind.

'The vocal honours last night lay with Miss Maguire for her delightful singing of “The Sun and I,” with Miss Jessie Rose for her vivacious and graceful treatment of “When a Merry Maiden Marries,” which earned a double encore, and with Miss Rassam who sang her exacting music in the first act and her lovely solo in the second act in most artistic fashion.  Mr Workman, too, was at his best as Ko-Ko, singing with delightful clearness, and filling up his part with some new and most excellent “business.”  Mr Billington’s Pooh-Bah needs no notice.  It is if possible funnier than ever, and Mr Albert Kavanagh, as the Mikado, for the first time, we think, in Dundee, sang his great song with appropriate crispness and point.  The concerted numbers were unusually good, the “Madrigal” being encored, and “The flowers that bloom in the spring” repeatedly so.  The chorus maintained, if they did not surpass, the brilliance of Monday evening, and the band was capital.

'To-night HMS Pinafore, which has not been professionally played in Dundee for a good many years, and Trial by Jury will be given.

'The dreadful revolution in performance has not yet eventuated, and we hope that to-night will not see it.'

Performance Cast

Nanki-Poo the Mikado's son, disguised as a wandering Minstrel

Pacie Ripple (Nov 15)

Pooh-Bah Lord High Everything Else

Fred Billington (Nov 15)

Pish-Tush a Noble Lord

Edward White (Nov 15)

Ko-Ko Lord High Executioner of Titipu

Charles Workman (Nov 15)

Yum-Yum Ko-Ko's Ward

Norah Maguire (Nov 15)

Pitti-Sing Yum-Yum's sister, also Ko-Ko's Ward

Jessie Rose (Dec 15)

Peep-Bo Yum-Yum's sister, also Ko-Ko's Ward

Bessie Mackenzie (Nov 15)

Katisha an elderly Lady, in love with Nanki-Poo

Theresa Rassam (Nov 15)

Mikado of Japan

Albert Kavanagh (Nov 15)

Production Cast


Tom Silver (Nov 15)

Stage Manager

Fred A Leon

Performance DatesMikado 1904

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