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Gondoliers 1903D'Oyly Carte Principal Repertoire Company

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The D'Oyly Carte on tour in Scotland - 1903

This season's tour repertoire consisted of six full-length G & S works, with two of the evenings including Bob,  a new curtain-raiser composed by the company's resident conductor, François Cellier.

The works were:  Cellier (Bob);  Sullivan (Pirates of PenzancePatienceIolantheMikadoYeomen of the GuardGondoliers),

The tour schedule was:  

Dundee, w/c 7 September:  Mon 7 Gondoliers;  Tue 8 Bob & Iolanthe;  Wed 9 Bob & Pirates of Penzance:  Thu 10 Patience;  Fri 11 Yeomen of the Guard;  Sat 12 m Mikado;  Sat 12 e Mikado.  

Further Scottish dates to be confirmed.


A Dundee Review

Dundee Courier & Argus: Tuesday, September 8 1903

Her Majesty’s Theatre - The Gondoliers

'It was gratifying once more to see Her Majesty’s Theatre filled as it was last night in every part, and certainly the D’Oyly Carte Principal Repertoire Opera Company have every reason to feel satisfied with their welcome.

'The years seem to make no changes upon the popularity of the Gilbert and Sullivan works, and the merry and lively Gondoliers went last night with the freshness of a first performance.  Every point of humour told, and every one of the popular musical numbers was redemanded.

'The company is very much the same as that which visited us a year ago.  Miss Lulu Evans replaces Miss Ethel Beech in roles of the Tessa and Phoebe order, and Mr Frank Wilson takes the parts he played two years ago, and which were last year filled by Mr George Whitehead.

'The performance is more characterised by vigour and jollity than by delicacy of treatment.  Every possible opportunity for making laughter is seized upon, and the singing was throughout hearty and enthusiastic.  Notably in the finale of the first act the tone was excellent, and there was a satisfactory crispness about most of the choral numbers.

'Miss Norah Maguire, radiant as ever, sang the delightful music of Casilda as only she can sing it.  Along with Mr G Villiers Arnold as Luiz, Miss Maguire sang the two pretty duets with exquisite sympathy and purity of tone, the voices blending very nicely together.  Miss Jessie Rose as Gianetta was delightfully bright and happy, and she phrased “Kind Sir” so neatly that she earned for it one of the warmest encores of the evening.

'Miss Evans, the newcomer, made a very prominent Tessa.  She has a bright personality, a piquant way of acting, and distinct style of enunciation - all of which qualities suit parts of the Tessa type.  It will be interesting to watch during the week Miss Evans’ appearance in other roles.

'Miss Theresa Rassam, a distinct acquisition to the company, was at her best as the Duchess, singing with splendid effectiveness, and acting with eminently ducal dignity.  Miss Bessell Adams sang the music of Fiametta very sweetly, and Miss Amy Royston made the part of Inez more satisfactory than usual.

'Mr Billington, of course, had the warmest reception last night.  His Don Alhambra is one of his greatest parts, and in it he displays nimbleness of limb as well as of tongue.  His encore verse to “I stole the Prince” was wonderfully funny, and brought down the house.  Mr Workman makes the Duke of Plaza-Toro a most entertaining little person, and his performance seems fuller of detail and riper in humour than before.  His lesson in deportment to the two monarchs was a capital bit of work, and the duet with the Duchess was finely sung by both artistes.

'Mr Scott Russell was as usual a most happy and inspiring Marco.  His singing of “Take a pair of sparkling eyes” was finished and effective, and in the concerted music his voice told well.  Mr Frank Wilson, as Giuseppe, was responsible for much hilarity, and Mr Villiers Arnold sang delightfully as Luiz.

'The largely augmented band, numbering about twenty, was conducted by Mr P W Halton with his accustomed helpfulness and precision, and played on the whole steadily and well.

'Iolanthe will be given to-night, preceded by Bob, an operetta in one act, composed by François Cellier, brother of Alfred Cellier, of Dorothy fame, and for many years conductor at the Savoy Theatre.'

Performance Cast

Fiametta a Contadina

Bessell Adams (Sep 7)

Marco Palmieri a Venetian Gondolier

Scott Russell (Sep 7)

Giuseppe Palmieri a Venetian Gondolier

Frank Wilson (Sep 7)

Tessa a Contadina

Lulu Evans (Sep 7)

Gianetta a Contadina

Jessie Rose (Sep 7)

Duke of Plaza-Toro a Grandee of Spain

Charles Workman (Sep 7)

Duchess of Plaza-Toro

Theresa Rassam (Sep 7)

Casilda daughter of the Duke and Duchess

Norah Maguire (Sep 7)

Luiz the Duke's Attendant

Mr G Villiers Arnold (Sep 7)

Don Alhambra del Bolero the Grand Inquisitor

Fred Billington (Sep 7)

Inez the King's Foster-mother

Amy Royston (Sep 7)

Production Cast


Mr P W Halton (Sep 7)

Performance DatesGondoliers 1903

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

7 Sep, 19.30

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