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English Cat 1987Alte Oper, Frankfurt

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The British premiere of Henze’s most recent opera, described as ‘a story for singers and instrumentalists’ and composed to an English language libretto. The Scottish Opera Orchestra played Henze’s attractive music beautifully. It was unfortunate that the venue was the old Leith Town Hall, which was totally lacking in atmosphere.

Performance Cast

Lord Puff President of the Royal Society for the Protection of Rats (RSPR), a cat

Neil Jenkins

Arnold Lord Puff's nephew, a cat

Richard Crist

Mr Fawn a cat

Alan Watt

Mr Keen a cat

Julian Pike

Louise a mouse

Deborah Rees

Miss Crisp a cat

Eileen Hulse

Miss Gomfit a cat

Tracey Chadwell

Lady Toodle a cat

Ameral Gunson

Mr Plunkett a cat

Jonathan Best

Minette a cat

Susan Roberts

Babette Minette's sister, a cat

Eirian James

Parson a cat

Julian Pike

Tom a cat

Alan Cemore

Peter Tom's friend, a cat

Julian Pike

Mr Jones money lender, a cat

Alan Watt

Judge a dog

Alan Watt

Counsel for the Prosecution a dog

Jonathan Best

Counsel for the Defence a dog

Julian Pike

Lucian lawyer's clerk, a fox

Julian Pike

Performance DatesEnglish Cat 1987

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Leith Theatre | Edinburgh

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