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Hansel and Gretel 2022Edinburgh Studio Opera

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Another sign that theatrical life is getting back to normal after Covid is the reappearance in live presentation of Edinburgh Studio Opera.  

There were four performances, with doubled casts, using the reduced orchestration by Pocket Publications. Your reviewer was able to attend the final one, when there was much to enjoy. The young cast did not just sing but moved and danced well.

The limitations of Assembly Roxy, the venue, are well known, it being hard to make out the words at times, though the production used Ellison's English translation. Around a hundred seats had been set out according to current restrictions, with over half being occupied. The audience was appreciative, perhaps because they were young and, according to conversations overheard, new to the music.

Performance Cast


Marianne Walker (Mar 15, 18)

Holly Gowen (Mar 16, 19)


Elizabeth Gibb (Mar 15, 18)

Claire Gilchrist (Mar 16, 19)

Gertrude mother of Hansel and Gretel

Grace Moran (Mar 15, 18)

Megan Le Brocq (Mar 16, 19)

Peter a broom maker and father of Hansel and Gretel

Ross Cumming (Mar 15, 18)

Zorbey Turkalp (Mar 16, 19)


Ellen Macrae (Mar 15, 18)

Mairi McGillivray (Mar 16, 19)

Dew Fairy

Fiona Macrae (Mar 15, 18)

Lucy Bridgeman (Mar 16, 19)


Emily Zehetmayr (Mar 15, 18)

Debora Ruiz-Kordova (Mar 16, 19)

Performance DatesHansel and Gretel 2022

Map List

Assembly Roxy | Edinburgh

15 Mar, 19.30 16 Mar, 19.30 18 Mar, 19.30 19 Mar, 19.30

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