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The first major musical to be incorporated into the main summer season at Pitlochry was Cole Porter's Kiss Me, Kate in 2010.  To follow that success, director John Durnin met the challenge head-on, with a superb staging of the Lerner and Loewe masterpiece My Fair Lady in which, once again, most of the actors doubled as musicians.

This was the theatre's 60th Anniversary season, and the usual Pitlochry repertory system prevailed. In addition to My Fair Lady, the plays staged were by Alan Ayckbourn (Henceforward...);  Philip King (See How They Run);  Sir Arthur Wing Pinero (Trelawny of the 'Wells');  Peter Nichols (Privates on Parade) and James Bridie (Dr Angelus).

The specialist musicians were:  Jon Beales or Stuart Watson (MD, Keyboards, Tuba);  Mike Hardy (Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn);  Robin Mason (Cello).

The actors who shared instrumental duties were: Sandy Batchelor (Drums, Tuned Percussion); Fred Broom (Double Bass, Violin, Viola);  Shirley Darroch (Trumpet, Trombone);  Amanda Gordon (Saxophone, Clarinet);  Robin Harvey Edwards (Guitar, Ukelele);  Dougal Lee (Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute);  Helen Logan (Violin);  Emma Odell (Flute);  Sam Pay (Accordion, Keyboards, Trumpet, Euphonium);  Kate Quinnell (Clarinet)  and Matthew Romain (Violin, Keyboards).

The opening scene at Covent Garden Market showed at once the style to be followed, with most of the people on stage wielding instruments, while others played in the wings.  The Higgins drawing room had a balcony overlooking it (like a grand library), allowing the household servants to appear discreetly through a number of doors as required, looking down while almost performing a lullaby for their lord and master.  At the matinee on Saturday, 25 June, the whole show ran immaculately, with all the major singing roles beautifully taken.

Between the first night, Friday 13 May, and the closing night of the season, Saturday 15 October, My Fair Lady was given a total of 41 performances.

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