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Hello Dolly! 2008Chris Moreno Productions

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This was a gargantuan tour that was launched in Wolverhampton (1st February) with the final week beginning in Sunderland on 18 August (preceded by a couple of weeks on Jersey).  There were two Scottish weeks, in Edinburgh beginning on 25 February and Glasgow on 14 April.

The generally excellent cast was led by Anita Dobson and Darren Day.

Performance Cast

Dolly Levi a matchmaker

Anita Dobson

Ernestina Money a wealthy lady

Carol Ball

Ambrose Kemper a poor artist

Samuel Board

Horace Vandergelder Proprietor of a Hay and Feed Store

David McAlister

Ermengarde Mr Vandergelder's niece

Sophie Wilkins

Cornelius Hackl an employee of Mr Vandergelder

Darren Day

Barnaby Tucker an employee of Mr Vandergelder

Hamilton Sargent

Minnie Fay Mrs Molloy's assistant

Amanda Salmon

Irene Molloy a widow, owner of a hat shop

Louise English

Rudolph Reisenweber

Christopher Marlowe


Christopher Marlowe

Performance DatesHello Dolly! 2008

Map List

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

26 Feb, 19.30 27 Feb, 19.30 28 Feb, 19.30 29 Feb, 19.30 1 Mar, 14.30 1 Mar, 19.30

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

14 Apr, 19.30 15 Apr, 19.30 16 Apr, 19.30 17 Apr, 19.30 18 Apr, 14.30 18 Apr, 19.30

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