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Crazy for You 1997Pola Jones

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Crazy for You, with its coherent new book by Ken Ludwig, is a hugely successful attempt to make the Gershwins' classic of its day, Girl Crazy, performable in present circumstances.  When Scottish Opera gave a concert presentation of highlights from the original, under John Mauceri at the 1987 Edinburgh Festival, it was made clear that there was plenty of wonderful music, a view confirmed by the New York recording that soon followed, also conducted by Mauceri.  However it was equally clear that the piece as a whole would simply not work as music theatre.

So enter Ludwig, an experienced librettist, who made all well.

This superb cast was led by the wonderful American leading man Tim Flavin.  His first London success, in the Palace Theatre revival of the Rodgers and Hart classic On Your Toes, had seen him dance the famous 'Slaughter on Tenth Avenue' sequence with Natalia Makarova (followed by Galina Panova).  Crazy for You also required a combination of acting, singing and dancing, adding, for good measure some pratfalls, and a wonderfully timed tumble down a flight of stairs.

The audience's joy was only increased by the presence of a recognised TV star in Patrick Mower as Zangler. with Fiona Benjamin as the charming romantic lead.  

Performance DatesCrazy for You 1997

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Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

17 Dec, 19.30

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