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Etoile 2023Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

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The Edinburgh International Festival has twice imported stagings of this wonderful comic masterpiece.  Given the success of those two productions, from first Lyon (1985) then Leeds (1994), it seems astonishing that it has taken nearly thirty years for a Scottish organization to attempt it.  Admittently the students at Edinburgh University did do it, as long ago as 1974, but that was in a version with a much reduced orchestration which inevitably lost some of Chabrier's wonderfully sensitive sound world.

It was therefore long overdue for Glasgow audiences to have an opportunity to get to know one of the greatest of French operettas - more subtle than Offenbach, but equally hilarious.  The importation of a Gallic conductor ensured the requisite fizz in the orchestra.  Chabrier's orchestration is genius.

It was very good news that some of the later performances actually sold out, in spite of the text being delivered in French.

Performance Cast

King Ouf I of the Thirty-Six Kingdoms

William Searle

Siroco Ouf's Court Astrologer

Ross Cumming

Hérisson de Porc-Epic the Roving Ambassador from Mataquin

Sam Marston

Tapioca Hérisson's private secretary

James McIntyre

Lazuli a pedlar

Hannah Bennett

Laoula daughter of King Mataquin

Rosalind Dobson (Jan 28; Feb 1)

Marie Cayeux (Jan 30; Feb 3)

Aloès wife of Hèrisson

Megan Baker

Chef de la Police

William Costello

Maitre Chief of Staff

Tsz Ping Lo

Domestique an Aide

Reuben Wilmshurst

Patacha a citizen

Fanzhuo Wei

Zalzal a citizen

William Semple

Oasis a maid of honour

Laura Coppinger

Asphodèle a maid of honour

Jessica Harper

Youca a maid of honour

Rachel McLean

Adza a maid of honour

Rachel Barnard

Sinnia a maid of honour

Parker Millspaugh

Koukouli a maid of honour

Heiltje de Bruin

Performance DatesEtoile 2023

Map List

New Athenaeum Theatre | Glasgow

28 Jan, 19.15 30 Jan, 19.15 1 Feb, 19.15 3 Feb, 19.15

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