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Betrothal in a Monastery 1990Bolshoi Opera, Moscow

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This delightful comedy derived from Sheridan is rarely performed in Britain. However Sheridan's own work, The Duenna, a form of semi-opera with music by the Linleys (father and son), is itself a rarity. This Russian staging, its Scottish premiere, was not ideal as a production, with rather too much emphasis on the farcical and anti-clerical aspects, but it was musically very strong, with two casts on alternate nights.

The students at the Scottish Academy put this opera on in 1997. Later, as part of the collaboration with Scottish Opera (and as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) a more ambitious production was put on in 2012 (see separate listing).

Gergiev recorded the work with his Mariinsky forces in 1997, and a successful production at Glyndebourne followed in 2006, so perhaps the opera is at last on the way to being more widely staged.

Performance Cast

Don Jerome a nobleman of Seville

Alexei Maslennikov (Aug 14, 16)

Vladimir Kudriashov (Aug 15)

Ferdinand Don Jerome's son

Igor Morozov (Aug 14, 16)

Vladimir Redkin (Aug 15)

Louisa Don Jerome's daughter

Galina Chernoba (Aug 14, 16)

Natalya Pustovaya (Aug 15)

Duenna to Louisa

Galina Borisova (Aug 14, 16)

Nina Galonova (Aug 15)

Antonio Louisa's suitor

Arkady Mishenkin (Aug 14, 16)

Aleksandr Fedin (Aug 15)

Clara Louisa's friend

Marina Shutova (Aug 14, 16)

Olga Terushnova (Aug 15)

Mendoza a rich fish merchant

Mikhail Krutikov (Aug 14, 16)

Nikolai Nizienko (Aug 15)

Don Carlos a friend of Don Jerome

Vladimir Malchenko (Aug 14, 16)

Movsar Mintsayev (Aug 15)

Father Augustine a monk

Anton Dzhaparedze (Aug 14, 16)

Yuri Nechaev (Aug 15)

Brother Elixir a monk

Aleksandr Arkhipov (Aug 14, 16)

Andrei Salnikov (Aug 15)

Brother Chartreuse a monk

Mikhail Maslov (Aug 14, 16)

Vladimir Malchenko (Aug 15)

Brother Benedictine a monk

Viacheslav Pochansky (Aug 14, 16)

Maxim Mikhailov (Aug 15)

First Monk

Andrei Salnikov (Aug 14, 16)

Yuri Markolov (Aug 15)

Second Monk

Vladislav Pazhinsky

Lauretta Louisa's maid

Nina Larionova

Rosina Clara's maid

Larisa Yurchenko

Lopez Ferdinand's servant

Konstantin Baskov (Aug 14, 16)

Nikolai Maiboroda (Aug 15)

Pablo Mendoza's servant

Andrei Salnikov (Aug 14, 16)

Yuri Markolov (Aug 15)

Pedro Mendoza's servant

Vladislav Pazhinsky

Miguel Mendoza's servant

Maxim Mikhailov (Aug 14, 16)

Peter Gluboky (Aug 15)

Performance DatesBetrothal in a Monastery 1990

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Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

14 Aug, 19.00 15 Aug, 19.00 16 Aug, 19.00

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