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Boris Godunov 1991Kirov Opera, Leningrad

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The Edinburgh Festival opera programme in 1991 was dominated by visits by the two great Soviet companies. The Bolshoi from Moscow had enjoyed a ground-breaking success in the 1990 visit to Glasgow's year of culture with unusual works by Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov, followed by a stop at Edinburgh with a Prokofiev piece. They now returned to Edinburgh with more Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov.

1991 was also the year that the Kirov came with a special programme in which they surveyed all of Musorgsky's operatic work, including the fragments of his uncompleted operas.

It may seem strange that Boris should have been done in concert, but then the company's recent new production had been a joint effort with Covent Garden by the film director Andrei Tarkovsky. Already seen in London, it was therefore familiar to the metropolitan critics and had also been televised in the UK. The opera chosen for he only full staging was therefore Khovanshchina. Fortunately this Boris cast did include as Marina the most important discovery of this Festival, the superb mezzo Olga Borodina.

Performance Cast

Nikitich a police officer

Evgeny Fedotov

Mitiukha a peasant

Mikhail Chernozukov

Andrei Shchelkalov a Boyar, secretary to the Duma

Georgy Zastavny

Shuisky Prince Vasily Ivanovich Shuisky

Alexander Dedik

Boris Godunov Tsar of Russia

Sergei Alexashkin

Pimen a monk and chronicler

Alexander Morozov

Grigory Otrepiev a novice monk

Yuri Marusin

Hostess at the inn

Ludmilla Filatova

Missail an itinerant monk

Nikolai Gassiev

Varlaam an itinerant monk

Vladimir Ognovenko

Frontier guard

Evgeny Fedotov

Xenia Tsarevna daughter of Boris

Olga Kondina

Fyodor Tsarevitch son of Boris

Larissa Diadkova

Nurse to Xenia

Evgenia Perlasova

Boyar in attendance

Nikolai Gassiev

Marina Mniszek a Polish princess, daughter of the Prince Palatine

Olga Borodina

Rangoni a Jesuit, Papal Legate, and Marina's counsellor

Valery Alexeev


Vladimir Solodovnikov

Lavitsky a Jesuit

Georgy Zastavny

Chernikovsky a Jesuit

Viacheslav Trofimov

Krushchov a Boyar

Yuri Zhikalov

Peasant Woman

Evgenia Perlasova

Tatiana Filimonova

Jolly young man

Andrei Hrancov

Deaf old man

Grigory Karasov

Production Cast


Valery Gergiev

Performance DatesBoris Godunov 1991

Map List

Usher Hall | Edinburgh

16 Aug, 19.00

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