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One of those financial crises that have afflicted Scottish Opera at regular intervals during its existence struck again in 1979, and the company was forced to make cuts, including the axeing of its small-scale Opera Go Round touring arm. It was also deemed necessary to defer for a season the production of The Makropulos Case which had already run in Wales.

Ready to hand was a far cheaper substitute in David Pountney's Wexford production of The Two Widows which had graced the 1979 Perth Festival. It looked fine on the larger Theatre Royal stage and proved a charming and enjoyable substitute, with a well integrated and stylish cast. The only new singer was the rapidly developing Dennis O'Neill, excellent as Ladislav. As at Perth, Mumlal's dog Hloupy was played by a highly practised scene stealer in the capacious shape of one Wendy (L Ormiston prop.) - no dog ever looked less suited to gamekeeping.

Performance Cast

Karolina Zaleská a wealthy widow

Patricia Hay

Anežka Miletinská Karolina's cousin, also a widow

Marie Slorach

Mumlal a gamekeeper

William McCue

Ladislav Podhájský

Dennis O'Neill

Toník a peasant boy

Bonaventura Bottone

Lidunka a peasant girl

Patricia O'Neill

Performance DatesTwo Widows 1980

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Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

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