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Rinaldo 2006Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD)

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The Crusaders meet Top Gun. Handel's first London opera contains a huge quantity of wonderful music. The plot is extravagantly exotic, with its setting in the middle east crusading period. This staging updated things so that the weapons of war were jet fighters and missiles. Badly done, it could have been hugely embarrassing. But Christian Curnyn with his period band ensured basic musical standards were high, and most of the singing was astonishingly good, with young counter-tenor Reno Troilus highly conspicuous in the title role. Inevitably, the score was heavily cut, but this was still a highly praiseworthy Scottish premiere.

Performance Cast

Goffredo head of the Christian forces

Austin Gunn

Rinaldo hero of the Christian forces, in love with Almirena

Reno Troilus

Almirena Goffredo's daughter, in love with Rinaldo

Helene Dahlberg

Argante head of the enemy forces

Anders Östberg May 4, 13)

Nuno de Araújo Pereira (May 6, 11)

Armida a sorceress, in league with Argante

Carla Caramujo

First Siren in Armida's service

Emma Harper

Second Siren in Armida's service

Jane Wilkinson

Araldo Argante's messenger

Andrew Dickinson

Mago Cristiano

Benjamin Weaver

Performance DatesRinaldo 2006

Map List

New Athenaeum Theatre | Glasgow

4 May, 19.15 6 May, 19.15

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

11 May, 19.15 13 May, 19.15

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