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Partenope 1964Ledlanet Nights

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Conrad Wilson in the Scotsman called this an entrancing work, one of many spun off by Handel in the wake of the Beggars' Opera. "The score is a stream of good things which seems to grow better and better as it proceeds."  He thought the production neat and inventive, using the small stage and double staircase of Ledlanet to maximum effect, and drawing the greatest possible fun from the English translation by Frances and Alan Kitching, made for their Handel festival at Abingdon.

A small orchestra included strings and flute. Roy Jesson played the harpsichord, which had been kindly loaned by Mr W R Thomas.

Performance Cast

Armindo Prince of Rhodes

Bettina Jonic

Arsace Prince of Corinth

Elizabeth Odell

Emilio Prince of Cuma

Adrian de Peyer

Ormonte Captain of Partenope's Guards

Francis Loring

Partenope Queen of Partenope (Naples)

Judith Pierce

Rosmira Princess of Cyprus

Sally Langford

Performance DatesPartenope 1964

Map List

Ledlanet | Kinross-shire

30 Sep, 00.00 1 Oct, 00.00 2 Oct, 00.00 3 Oct, 00.00

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