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Albert Bowyer sang with the Moody-Manners company, and in 1907 he married a fellow-member, the contralto Olive Westwood, in 1907.  After the demise of Moody-Manners in 1915, they set up their Bowyer-Westwood company, which toured in Ireland for several seasons.  The musical director was Cuthbert Hawley, followed by Arthur Hammond.

Roles in Scotland

Tonio a Tyrolean peasant
Daughter of the Regiment 1911
Samson and Delilah 1911
Hardress Cregan secretly married to Eily
Lily of Killarney 1911
Thaddeus a proscribed Pole
Bohemian Girl 1911
Gustavus III King of Sweden (Riccardo)
Masked Ball 1911
Faust a learned doctor
Faust 1911

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