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Ernest Guiraud no longer has any identity as a composer of original works. Instead he is remembered for a useful job he performed in increasing the suitability for performance of two works of better composers. A side-effect of this has been that his original work has not been performed.

In the absence (so far) of any information on the cast of the sole Edinburgh outing, we give here some details gleaned of earlier performances, including the first UK showing, in Dublin, back in January.

Performance Cast

Zeigler a Swiss pastor

Denbigh Newton

Madame Zeigler the pastor's wife

Josephine Yorke

Denise the pastor's elder daughter

Giulia Warwick

Charlotte the pastor's younger daughter

Mary Duggan

Marthe the pastor's adopted daughter, a shepherdess

Julia Gaylord

Jacques the pastor's grandson

Harry Gustave

Comète an artist

Charles Lyall

Musavaigne a musician

Leslie Crotty

Torteau a sculptor

George Snazelle

Frédéric Auvray a painter

Fred C Packard

Duchess Elena Strozzi's sister

Georgina Burns

Duke Strozzi

Denbigh Newton

Production Cast


Sydney Samuel

Performance DatesPiccolino 1879

Map List

Royal Princess's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

3 Sep, 00.00

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