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Cadi 1881Carl Rosa Opera Company

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Following the success of Mignon, Carl Rosa continued to explore a vein of successful French works, though, with the obvious exceptions of Faust and Carmen, none of them had anything like its staying power. Certainly Le Caïd, a charming comedy more reminiscent of Auber, disappeared from the touring repertoire quite quickly, even though it seems to have been enjoyed by the audiences that did see it..

Performance Cast

Virginie a French milliner and dressmaker

Georgina Burns

Birotteau a French barber, in love with Virginie

Mr J W Turner

Michel Tambour-Major of the 20th Regiment of the Line

Leslie Crotty

Aboul-y-Vaz the Cadi

George Snazelle

Fatima the Cadi's daughter

Lilian La Rue

Ali Baba a eunuch, attendant on the Cadi

Charles Lyall

Performance DatesCadi 1881

Map List

Gaiety Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

17 Mar, 19.30

Theatre Royal, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

24 Mar, 00.00

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