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Esmeralda 1883Carl Rosa Opera Company

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Carl Rosa throughout his career in Britain was keen to encourage young British composers, and Esmeralda was commissioned from Arthur Goring Thomas on the evidence of a successful student work. The result, premiered in a prestigious London opera house, was an immediate popular success, A lengthy national tour followed, and a second work, Nadeshda, immediately ordered as a follow-up. A further tour of Esmeralda followed in 1886.

Performance Cast

Esmeralda a gipsy

Georgina Burns

Fleur-de-Lys betrothed to Phoebus

Clara Perry

Phoebus de Chateaupers a Captain of Archers

Barton McGuckin

Claude Frollo Archdeacon of Notre Dame

William Ludwig

Quasimodo a hunchback

Leslie Crotty

Pierre Gringoire a poet, married to Esmeralda

Ben Davies

Clopin King of the Beggars

George Snazelle

Marquis de Chevreuse

Mr King

Production Cast


Eugène Goossens I

Performance DatesEsmeralda 1883

Map List

Theatre Royal, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

2 Nov, 00.00 10 Nov, 00.00

Royalty, Glasgow | Glasgow

16 Nov, 00.00 20 Nov, 00.00 23 Nov, 00.00

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