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One of the most obviously successful fruits of John Cox's years with Scottish Opera was his ability to import existing stagings from elsewhere. Egisto was completely unknown in Britain, but Cox had mounted a successful production in Santa Fe which turned out to be an absolute winner, even if Raymond Leppard's realisation-style was by now controversially lush. The designs and lighting of Allen Charles Klein made it simply one of the most beautiful stagings of any opera to have been seen recently, and an extra performance was tagged on at the end of the season with BBC cameras on hand to record it. The tape has never been made available in any commercial format, though some kind soul has set it up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

In May, the production was taken on a European tour, with a total of nine performances divided between Schwetzingen (3), Frankfurt (1), and most interestingly Venice (5 performances at La Fenice). On this tour, it seems that a counter-tenor singing baroque was still reckoned an outlandish prospect, so a baritone was substituted. How times have changed.

Performance Cast

Notte Night

Roderick Kennedy

Aurora Dawn

Rosanne Brackenridge

Clori from Delos, in love with Lidio

Della Jones

Lidio of Zacynthos

Andrew Dalton (Exc Apr 10; May)

James Bowman (Apr 10)

Tom McDonnell (May)

Egisto from Delos, formerly betrothed to Clori

Neil Rosenshein

Climene of Zacynthos, formerly betrothed to Lidio

Delia Wallis (Exc May)

Teresa Cahill (May)

Ipparco Climene's brother, ruler of Zacynthos

Donald Maxwell

Dema Ipparco's old nurse

Francis Egerton (Exc Apr 10)

Hugh Hetherington (Apr 10)

Bellezza goddess of Beauty

Vida Schepens

Volupia goddess of Pleasure

Linda Ormiston

Amor Cupid, son of Venus

Patricia O'Neill

Venere Venus

Beverley Mills

Semele a Heroine who died for love

Susanna Ross

Fedra Phaedra, a Heroine who died for love

Una Buchanan

Didone Dido, a Heroine who died for love

Linda Ormiston

Hero a Heroine who died for love

Claire Livingstone


Tom McDonnell (Exc May)

Alan Oke (May)

Primavera Spring

Susanna Ross

Estate Summer

Rosanne Brackenridge

Autunno Autumn

Beverley Mills

Inverno Winter

Vida Schepens

Performance DatesEgisto 1982

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

13 Jan, 19.15 16 Jan, 19.15 19 Jan, 19.15 21 Jan, 19.15 23 Jan, 14.15 10 Apr, 19.15

Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

3 Feb, 19.15 5 Feb, 19.15

Theatre Royal, Newcastle | Newcastle-upon-Tyne

10 Feb, 19.15 12 Feb, 19.15

Grand Opera House, Belfast | Belfast

17 Feb, 19.15 19 Feb, 19.15

Dominion Theatre | London

10 Mar, 19.30 12 Mar, 19.30

Schlosstheater | Schwetzingen

16 May, 00.00 18 May, 00.00 20 May, 00.00

Alte Oper | Frankfurt

23 May, 00.00

Teatro la Fenice | Venice

26 May, 20.30 27 May, 20.30 28 May, 20.30 29 May, 20.30 30 May, 20.30

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