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Fife Opera's annual production offered a blend of young professionals and experienced amateurs well trained and carefully directed. Singers included Alistair Digges, Christopher Nairne and Victoria Atkinson. John McGhee Doyle and Leon Reimer from Glasgow University Chapel Choir were also taking part, in addition to Margaret Sharp and Natalie O'Reilly and the 'old stagers'!. Given the composition of the society, with men substantially outnumbered by women, a decision was taken to re-assign many small roles, so servants and students were generally female. This is not a huge problem in the context of an amateur show, but the imbalance of sound in the choruses was more noticeable.

The theatre is only a few minutes' walk from the railway station.  There are pleasant eating places well within reach and of course the museum and art gallery are between the station and the theatre. It is a very convenient venue for the visitor.

Performance Cast

Stella an opera singer

Morag Kyle

Nicklausse Hoffmann's friend

Elaine Young

Lindorf a councillor of Nuremberg

George Nairne

Andrès Stella's servant

Jean Stebbing

Luther an innkeeoer

Eleanor Hubbard

Nathaniel a student

Caroline Warburton

Hermann a student

Nicola Gallimore

Hoffmann a poet

Alistair Digges

Olympia a doll

Victoria Atkinson

Spalanzani an Italian inventor

Leon Reimer

Cochenille Spalanzani's servant

Pat Fraser

Coppélius a scientist, Spalanzani's rival

John McGhee Doyle

Antonia Crespel's daughter

Margaret Sharp

Crespel a councillor of Munich

Malcolm Crosby

Franz Crespel's servant

Natalie O'Reilly

Dr Miracle a doctor

Russell Malcolm

Antonia's mother a spirit voice

Susan Crosby

Giulietta a courtesan

Rosemary Nairne

Dapertutto a sorcerer

Christopher Nairne

Performance DatesTales of Hoffmann 2011

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Adam Smith Theatre | Kirkcaldy

10 Nov, 19.15 11 Nov, 19.15 12 Nov, 14.15

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