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Dido and Aeneas 2007Edinburgh International Festival

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This was an excellent performance of Purcell's great work. Nicholas McGegan produced what seemed an authentic baroque sound from the SCO. If anything, a performance that bettered Jane Irwin's beautifully delivered Dido was the trenchantly sung Sorceress of Jennifer Johnston. With singers of the quality of Sarah-Jane Davies, Kate Valentine and Roderick Williams, there was a consistently good supporting cast. It was also useful to see students from the ESAMD being given a chance in the short roles.

If Dido must be coupled with another work, the choice needs to be carefully calculated - too great a contrast can be jarring. It seemed fairly clear that the unmemorable frivolity of Salieri's Prima la musica that followed was not the ideal companion. Perhaps it was simply its unfamiliarity that was the problem.

Performance Cast

Belinda a lady in waiting

Sarah-Jane Davies

Dido Queen of Carthage

Jane Irwin

Second Lady

Kate Valentine

Aeneas a Trojan prince

Roderick Williams


Jennifer Johnston

Spirit in the form of Mercury

Reno Troilus


James Geer

Performance DatesDido and Aeneas 2007

Map List

Usher Hall | Edinburgh

26 Aug, 20.00

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