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Admeto 2009Göttingen International Handel Festival

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This was a fascinating staging of a Handel rarity, relocated to Samurai era Japan. The result was extremely effective,with choreographer Tadashi Endo shadowing the main characters as a form of doppelgänger death figure. Hercules brought some light relief, presented as an all-conquering Sumo wrestler.

The musical account, led by the once familiar figure of Nicholas McGegan, was uniformly excellent. While both sopranos gave moving performances, it was particularly good to be introduced to two new counter-tenors, whose achievements were much more than promising. Even better, Tim Mead and Andrew Radley were quickly snapped up by Scottish Opera to give us some more Handel performances.

Performance Cast

Admeto Admetus, King of Thessaly

Tim Mead

Alceste Admeto's Queen

Marie Arnet

Antigona a Trojan princess dirguised as a shepherdess

Kirsten Blaise

Orindo a gentleman of the Court

Andrew Radley

Trasimede brother to Admeto, in love with Antigona

David Bates

Ercole Hercules, friend of Admetus

William Berger

Meraspe tutor to Antigona

Wolf Matthias Friedrich

Performance DatesAdmeto 2009

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Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

28 Aug, 19.15 29 Aug, 19.15 31 Aug, 19.15

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