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Vivandière 1896Carl Rosa Opera Company

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At performances on 9, 13 and 16 May, the two leading principal roles are advertised as being sung by Zélie de Lussan and Robert Cunningham, with Alec Marsh also listed for the last two. It was reviewed in the Glasgow Herald of 24 April and 4 November, which give fuller details of the performers. A programme for the first performance dated 25 April (the Scottish premiere) is in the Mitchell Library and records the work was 'performed in Paris over 200 nights.'

While the performances seem to have been generally enjoyed, the music was not considered to be especially memorable, and, as with most of the French works the company introduced by way of an experiment, it was not revived. Nor has it returned to the repertoire elsewhere.

Performance Cast

Marquis de Rieul

Charles Tilbury (Apr 25; Nov 2)

Georges de Rieul son of the Marquis, a soldier

Charles Hedmondt (Apr 25; Nov 2)

Robert Cunningham (May 9, 13, 16m)

André younger son of the Marquis

Mr P Somers (Apr 25)

Joanne ward of the Marquis

Minnie Hunt (Apr 25)

Bessie Macdonald (Nov 2)

Marion a vivandière

Zélie de Lussan (Apr 25; May 9, 13, 16m; Nov 2)

Bernard a captain

Alec Marsh (Apr 25; May 3, 16m)

William Paull (Nov 2)

La Balafré a sergeant

Arthur Winckworth (Apr 25, Nov 2)

Lafleur a soldier

Frank Wood (Apr 25; Nov 2)


George Fox (Apr 25)

Performance DatesVivandière 1896

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

25 Apr, 00.00 29 Apr, 00.00 3 Nov, 00.00

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

9 May, 00.00 13 May, 00.00 16 May, 14.00

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