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Belshazzar 1987Scottish Chamber Orchestra

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Over the years, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra has included several of Handel's oratorios in its normal winter seasons (though only in Glasgow and Edinburgh). This excellent team, led by Arleen Auger, may even have been giving Belshazzar its Scottish premiere.

Performance Cast

Nitocris mother of Belshazzar

Arleen Auger

Daniel a Jewish prophet

Michael Chance

Gobrias an Assyrian Nobleman, revolted against Belshazzar and allied to Cyrus

Michael George

Cyrus Prince of Persia

Margaret Cable

Belshazzar King of Babylon

John Graham-Hall

Performance DatesBelshazzar 1987

Map List

Queen's Hall, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

8 Jan, 19.45

City Halls, Glasgow | Glasgow

9 Jan, 19.30

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