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This performance was ‘amateur’ in the best sense of the word, involving skilled musicians giving the best they can without monetary reward. The orchestra come together to spend a long weekend working on one piece and then perform it with a group of singers who may be trying out a role or singing a part they particularly enjoy. The sense of enjoyment and involvement from the participants is palpable. Well worth putting a date in the diary for next year – Götterdämmerung is on Sunday 23rd September 2011 (starting earlier, at 10.30).

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Performance Cast

Mime a Nibelung, Siegfried's fosterer

Ben Regan

Siegfried son of Siegmund and Sieglinde

Jonathan Finney

Wanderer Wotan in disguise

Gerard Delrez

Alberich a Nibelung

Nicholas Fowler

Fafner disguised as a dragon

Colin Heggie


Susan McNaught

Erda mother of the Norns and Valkyries

Katrine Townhill

Brünnhilde now a mortal

Kimberley Myers

Production Cast


Mike Thorne

Performance DatesSiegfried 2010

Map List

Town Hall, Portobello | Edinburgh

26 Sep, 11.00

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