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English tenor.

Roles in Scotland

Tristan a Cornish knight
Tristan und Isolde 2005
Tristan und Isolde 2013
Parsifal a youth
Parsifal 2006
Parsifal 2012
Walther von Stolzing a young knight
Mastersingers of Nuremberg 2007
Loge god of fire and cunning
Rheingold 2008
Rheingold 2019
Siegmund a Volsung
Valkyrie 2009
Siegfried son of Siegmund and Sieglinde
Siegfried 2010
Götterdämmerung 2011
Major- domo to the Marschallin
Rosenkavalier 2014
Rosenkavalier 2014
Emperor of the South Eastern Islands
Frau ohne Schatten 2015
Tannhäuser a knight and minnesinger
Tannhäuser 2016
Herod Antipas Tetrarch of Judaea
Salome 2018
Mime a Nibelung, Siegfried's fosterer
Siegfried 2023

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