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Rheingold 2008Edinburgh Players Opera Group

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After their excursion through Tristan, Parsifal and Meistersinger, the Edinburgh Players Opera Group here embarked on a second Ring. Many of the musicians returned year after year to study these massive scores under Mike Thorne's inspiring leadership, and the Sunday run-through was a fascinating experience.

The group also inspired great loyalty in its singers. In Gerard Delrez, last year's Sachs, they had a heldenbariton with the range to perform Wotan as well as later turning to Gurnemanz and King Mark. Jonathan Finney would return for Siegmund, Siegfried and major non-Ring tenor roles. Ben Regan, the Mime, would complete his part in two year's time. Even these three Rhinemaidens would re-assemble in 2011 for Götterdämmerung, having all meanwhile sung Valkyries.

Performance Cast

Woglinde a Rhinemaiden

Susan McNaught

Wellgunde a Rhinemaiden

Anne Heavens

Flosshilde a Rhinemaiden

Helen Brown

Alberich a Nibelung

Paul Keohone

Fricka wife of Wotan and goddess of marriage

Janet de Vigne

Wotan leader of the gods

Gerard Delrez

Freia sister of Fricka and goddess of love and spring

Fiona Scott

Fasolt a giant

Peter Carey

Fafner a giant

Colin Heggie

Froh god of joy and youth

Ralph Strehle

Donner god of thunder

Dominic Barrand

Loge god of fire and cunning

Jonathan Finney

Mime a Nibelung, Alberich's brother

Ben Regan

Erda goddess of earth and wisdom

Katrine Townhill

Production Cast


Mike Thorne

Performance DatesRheingold 2008

Map List

Town Hall, Portobello | Edinburgh

28 Sep, 18.30

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