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Tristan und Isolde 2013Edinburgh Players Opera Group

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The Edinburgh Players Opera Group in 2013 turned their attention to Wagner's Tristan and Isolde at their usual venue, Portobello Town Hall.  Following two days of instruction and practice, this annual event culminated in a concert performance on Sunday, 29 September.  The event began unusually early, at 10.00 am, continuing to late afternoon.  Orchestral players from across the country and beyond gave their time out of interest and for the challenge of meeting Wagner's demands. Leader was Iain Scott and the conductor, as always, the tireless Mike Thorne.

Arrangements were unchanged. Friends and relatives were welcome to attend on the Sunday, and were invited to give a donation of £15 to cover the costs of the event.  It was described as an "open rehearsal", and the orchestra contained some recognised professional musicians, perhaps off their normal track, but keen to experience the repertoire.

The solo singers can give memorable performances. The standard is generally high,  with several performers familiar with their parts from performances in Germany.  There was, as always, much pleasure for the committed listener.

The singers were, by and large, familiar, having appeared in a number of roles in past years. Only the Australian mezzo-soprano Miriam Sharrad and the tenor Stuart Macbeth Mitchell, doubling Sailor and Shepherd, were unfamiliar.

Performance Cast


Stuart Macbeth Mitchell

Isolde an Irish princess

Elaine McKrill

Brangäne Isolde's attendant

Miriam Sharrad

Kurwenal Tristan's squire

Nicholas Fowler

Tristan a Cornish knight

Jonathan Finney

King Mark King of Cornwall, Tristan's uncle

Colin Heggie

Melot a Cornish courtier

Walter Thomson


Stuart Macbeth Mitchell

Production Cast


Mike Thorne

Performance DatesTristan und Isolde 2013

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Town Hall, Portobello | Edinburgh

29 Sep, 10.00

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