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Valkyrie 2009Edinburgh Players Opera Group

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This group works through a major Wagner work over the course of a weekend on an annual basis, ending with a thoroughly enjoyable “workshop” style performance – far more than just a run through, but a chance to hear and appreciate details which you miss in a full-scale stage performance. It also gives an opportunity for singers to try out roles they may not have sung before.

Performance Cast

Siegmund a Volsung

Jonathan Finney

Sieglinde a Volsung, sister of Siegmund

Polly Beck

Hunding husband of Sieglinde

Peter Carey

Wotan father of the Valkyries and Volsungs

Gerard Delrez

Fricka Wotan's estranged wife

Magdalen Ashman

Brünnhilde a Valkyrie

Elaine McKrill

Gerhilde a Valkyrie

Anne Heavens

Ortlinde a Valkyrie

Eilidh Cochrane

Waltraute a Valkyrie

Carine Tinney

Schwertleite a Valkyrie

Katrine Townhill

Helmwige a Valkyrie

Susan McNaught

Siegrune a Valkyrie

Alison Crichton-Cook

Grimgerde a Valkyrie

Helen Brown

Rossweisse a Valkyrie

Alison Bishop

Production Cast


Mike Thorne

Performance DatesValkyrie 2009

Map List

Town Hall, Portobello | Edinburgh

27 Sep, 11.00

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