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Martha 1874Her Majesty's Italian Opera

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Performing Martha in Italian meant that one of the most familiar of all tenor arias would be started off with the words 'M'appari, tutt'amor...'. Tenors still sing it that way from time to time, though it is hard to imagine the entire opera in the Italian version nowadays.

On this visit, as with the opening Trovatore, star tenor Campanini was unwell, presumably conserving his energies for the new Balfe piece, Il Talismano. A cover went on as Lionel.

Cast as advertised, modified by reviews.

Performance Cast

Lady Harriet Durham Maid of Honour to Queen Anne

Louise Singelli

Nancy maid to Lady Harriet

Zélia Trebelli-Bettini

Sir Tristram Mickleford Lady Harriet's cousin

Signor Zoboli

Plunkett a wealthy young farmer

Conrad Behrens

Lionel Plunkett's foster-brother

Signor Brignoli

Performance DatesMartha 1874

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

30 Oct, 00.00

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