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Gloria Caroline Gillebert, or Le Bert

Born Paris 1834.

Died Etretat, 18 August 1892.

French mezzo-soprano.

Madame Trebelli-Bettini began to sing under the name Trebelli, which was derived from her real surname. On her marriage to the tenor Alessandro Bettini (1825-98) she added his name to hers. Her debut role was Azucena (Madrid 1859) and she continued to sing it throughout her career. In 1884 she was the first performer of Carmen at the Met. She was always a notable exponent of 'trouser' roles such as Cherubino, Siébel, Maffio Orsini (Lucrezia Borgia) and Urbain.

Roles in Scotland

Zerlina a peasant girl
Don Giovanni 1873
Don Giovanni 1874
Fatima Reiza's attendant
Oberon 1873
Urbain page to Marguerite
Huguenots 1873
Huguenots 1874
Azucena a Biscayan gypsy woman
Trovatore 1873
Trovatore 1874
Third Lady in attendance on the Queen
Zauberflöte 1873
Zauberflöte 1874
Cherubino the Count's page
Nozze di Figaro 1874
Nancy maid to Lady Harriet
Martha 1874
Martha 1879
Siébel a student of Dr Faust, in love with Marguerite
Faust 1874
Carmen a gypsy
Carmen 1879

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