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Oberon 1873Her Majesty's Italian Opera

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It seems surprising that of the nine operas performed in this Edinburgh run, two should be by Weber. Oberon was here performed with a superb cast, and, of course, it was delivered in Italian. This edition had surfaced at Her Majesty's in London in 1860. Not only was it sung in Italian, but Julius Benedict composed recitatives, and additional music by Weber was added to the score. Oberon was one of the operas in which ballet was introduced, the lead dancer on this tour being Mdlle Blanche Ricois.

Cast as advertised in The Scotsman, 5 March.

Performance Cast

Oberon King of the Fairies

Alessandro Bettini

Puck Oberon's servant

Justine Macvitz

Sir Huon of Bordeaux Duke of Guienne

Pietro Mongini

Sherasmin Sir Huon's squire

Luigi Agnesi

Reiza daughter of Haroun el Raschid

Therese Tietjens

Fatima Reiza's attendant

Zélia Trebelli-Bettini

Haroun el Raschid Caliph of Baghdad

Signor Casaboni

Babekan a Saracen prince

Signor Pro

Abdallah a Corsair

Antonio Rinaldini


Mathilde Bauermeister

Almanzor Emir of Tunis

Enrico Campobello

Performance DatesOberon 1873

Map List

Theatre Royal, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

15 Mar, 20.00

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